28 Jun

Posters & Flyers – 3

Modern Flyers

Posters & Flyers (Style Range # 3)

20 x Modern Flyers

Word of mouth is still the best means of advertising. And with these Modern Flyers /  Posters, you’ll have plenty to shout about. We can design high-quality party and event flyers for you, covering everything from jazz concerts to worship services.


  • There are 20 “Modern Flyer” designs – suitable for festivals, holidays, DJ events, clubs, parties, holidays, hen’s night, birthdays, school reunions, concerts, sales, date nights and more.
  • Every flyer is supplied to you print ready at 300dpi and CMYK colors, plus has a 0.25 inch bleed.
  • Our “Modern Flyers” range has TWO sizes:
    • 12 Styles x Small Flyer Size – 4 inches x 6 inches (A6)
    • 8 Styles x Standard Flyer Size – 8.5 X 11 inches /  21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (A4)
    • HOWEVER, FLYER DIMENSIONS CAN BE MODIFIED AND ENLARGED ETC. (…Don’t worry about image size, quality of image is the same).
  • Additionally, we can also design a Facebook cover to match your flyer – we have over 100+ Facebook cover designs to continue promoting your event!
  • Facebook covers size: 851 X 315px.
  • Note: The model photos depicted in the previews of the flyers are for demo preview purposes only. These stock photos are not included.
Here are the styles available in our  latest “Modern Flyer” range:

4 x 6 inches (A6)

Modern Flyers- #00110


Modern Flyers- #00212


Modern Flyers #00310


Modern Flyers #0049









8.5 x 11 inches (A4)








NOTE: Model Images used in our flyers range portfolio are for demonstration purposes only, and are NOT included in a quote or price….. Model Images are not supplied by us unless otherwise specified. You will need to provide us with the images for your flyer. If you do not already have any suitable images or photos etc, then they must be purchased (by you) before we can begin. Prices of images can vary greatly, depending on various factors. Contact us if you need more details or advice.

Please note that we are not responsible for the task of searching and selecting your images.