19 May

Responsive HTML Websites – Perfect for Small Businesses, Contractors & Tradespeople


Responsive HTML Websites – Perfect for Small Businesses, Contractors & Tradespeople.

If you are a small business, contractor or trades-person, then our modern, responsive HTML websites are a perfect choice for you. Unlike a CMS website such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others, these smaller, lighter and responsive HTML websites are simply perfect for you because they are low-maintenance compared to the other options and  do not require the same amount of regular maintenance and updating.

Easy Care, Low Maintenance

Cutting Edge (Click  to view full-size image)

Cutting Edge (Click to view full-size image)

The easy-care, almost “set-and-forget” feature of HTML websites does come at a small cost – they are more difficult for non-technical persons to edit / change so you will usually need to hire the web developer again when you need any alterations or updating of your content, and HTML websites usually will receive less interest from the search engines compared to WordPress and other CMS based sites (…so you’ll need to compensate that by being more pro-active with your marketing), and they also lack some of the cool features that the more robust, high-maintenance options will have. However, for most small businesses, contractors and tradespeople, a HTML website is still a very good choice. A modern HTML website will still look very smart and will probably give you all that you really need.

The HTML website’s very low-maintenance feature is probably the thing that makes it really stand out, and makes it so perfectly suited for busy businesses, contractors and trades-persons.

Smart and Professional Looking

Having a great-looking and professional website that also needs very little maintenance is invaluable to busy business owners, contractor or trades person – who often have little technical skills or knowledge about maintaining, updating and properly securing a website.

Responsive HTML Websites

If you’d like to have a great looking, low-maintenance HTML Website like the ones pictured below, then contact us today and submit a quote request, telling us a little bit about your company, and what you need (eg: HTML website, number of pages, logo, web hosting, etc), and then we’ll get back to you with a quote.

HTML – Examples

Corportase - Multipurpose Responsive HTML

Corportase – Multipurpose, Responsive HTML

Iron Bull - HTML

Iron Bull – HTML

LaMonte - Restaurant Theme

LaMonte Restaurant – HTML



Cutting Edge – HTML


Take The Plunge – HTML


Precise – HTML


Builder – HTML

Super Skeleton

Super Skeleton – HTML

Simpleone - HTML

Simpleone – HTML

Delimondo Seafresh - HTML Theme

Delimondo Seafresh – HTML

Delimondo-3-in-1 HTML - Pizza

Delimondo Pizza – HTML

Delimondo-3-in-1 HTML - Black Angus

Delimondo Black Angus

Delimondo-3-in-1 HTML - Le Canard

Delimondo Le Canard – HTML


Submit a quote request for a stunning HTML Website just like the ones pictured here.



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