22 Oct

Portfolio: Web-Traffic-Services

Portfolio: Web-Traffic-Services

Portfolio: Web-Traffic-ServicesWebsite Name: Web-Traffic-Services

Website URL: http://web-traffic-services.com

Platform: WordPress

Job Type: Create a website for a new business, Web-Traffic-Services, which showcases their various services.

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: 2011

Job Details: Web-Traffic-Services.com website was launched in 2011. The site includes an API, Live Chat function, PayPal Integration and other features, plus we also added a shopping cart with coupon and digital downloading capability. We also created various sales / landing pages to complement the professional website theme. A Twitter account was created  and Twitter integration and automation was added to the site. A featured image slider on the homepage provides effective promotion of featured articles and or announcements / promotions. New, original articles were added to provide fresh and quality content and also attract some free traffic to the new site.

Results:Despite being only a relatively new website, the Current Alexa rank is already under 500,000.

To view the Web-Traffic-Services website, please visit http://web-traffic-services.com


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