22 Oct

Portfolio: TarotWebsite.net

Portfolio: TarotWebsite.net

Portfolio: TarotWebsite.netWebsite Name: Tarot Website.net

Website URL: http://tarotwebsite.net

Platform: WordPress

Job Type: Total revamp of the existing, recently created and purchased website, Tarot Website.net (established and purchased in Feb. 2011). Clean out inferior and link-ridden articles. Create new, original articles. SEO work.  Site Monetization improved and expanded. Twitter account created, Twitter integration and automation.

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: 2011

Job Details: Tarot Website.net website was purchased in late January 2011 by the current owners, who wanted the new site re-design to effectively retain the same color-scheme as what they had inherited but with more impact, better readability and navigation, and which could also provide more room for advertising without looking too cluttered.

We replaced the old 2 column theme with a new 3 column theme which we had extensively customized to incorporate the previous themes colors. Navigation structure was improved. New, original articles were added to provide fresh and quality content. New premium plugins were added. The site also required a substantial amount of work in cleaning out the inferior and link-ridden articles which were affecting the site in both quality and SEO. Some SEO work was done on the site.

Monetization: Site Monetization was improved and expanded: Amazon Products were added to the site, plus we also added a shopping cart with coupon capability to allow the owners the ability to sell and distribute their own products directly from the site. The site now has a range of potential monetization methods, including selling advertising space / Advertising placements, Affiliate Ads, Google Ads and Amazon products in the Tarot Card, Tarot Readings and New Age / Prophecies niche, plus it also earns commissions via a Live Tarot Readings affiliate program.

Results: Following our revamp of the website it has improved enormously. In January / February 2011 (before the revamp) the site had an Alexa rank of: “Unranked” (no ranking at all), and website traffic was ZERO visitors per month. The Current Alexa rank  is now under 900,000 and the site receives a healthy flow of traffic each month.

NOTE: No money has been spent on advertising, marketing or the purchase of any web traffic (yet) – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement was / is entirely due to our SEO work.

To view Tarot Website, please visit http://tarotwebsite.net


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