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Portfolio: PlushGifts.com.au

PlushGifts.com.au - New website

PlushGifts.com.au - New websiteWebsite Name: PlushGifts.com.au

Website URL: http://www.plushgifts.com.au

Mobile Website URL: http://www.plushgifts.com.au/m/

Platform: WordPress

Job Type: Total Revamp (New website, created from scratch).

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: Feb. 2013

Job Details:

The new PlushGifts.com.au website (see full length screenshot below) was completely re-built from scratch. We used a customized professional WordPress theme for the main site, and we also created a mobile website, which was customized to match the main site (complete with shopping cart integration on the mobile site). A mobile redirection script was also installed on the regular website, and now mobile visitors are automatically recognized and are sent to the appropriate (mobile-friendly) website.

(Basic) SEO work was also done to the site(s) to provide some free traffic. Twitter integration and automation of tweets to twitter (via any new or updated posts / pages) was also implemented. Now, whenever a post is published, a tweet is also automatically sent to Twitter too. We also added various other plugins and functionality to the site, including an integrated newsletter plugin with subscription / lead capture form, plus  several security plugins and also manual website security enhancements.

Product pages were created for all the products, and we also set up and fully configured the shopping cart (including adding all the products to the cart plugin, shipping variations, etc).

Graphic Design Work:  Logo, Favicon, Banners

A (complimentary) new logo was designed for the new website by our in-house lead designer / web developer. A custom favicon was also created to compliment the new logo and website theme, plus we also created a matching  larger favicon / button design for use on the clients Twitter page and other social networks.

We also designed a range of banners in various sizes, to allow the client to better promote the new site.

Essentially, the site was delivered to the client 100% ready for business, and with everything done for them – and then some! (…this client had our “Ultimate” Web Design  Service package – where we do everything for you – which is ideal for busy people or for those who just don’t know what they want / need).  Note:  Our “Ultimate” service costs more because it entails a lot more work, and involves much more planning and time than for standard jobs, and so it may also take a little longer to deliver, too. We also only use  lead developer(s) for “Ultimate Service”  jobs, and we spend time getting to know your products/services and we thoroughly assess your needs and the type of CMS, theme, layout, plugins etc that we think could benefit your business.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting a quote for a website built using our “Ultimate” service.


Following the launch of the website it has exceeded all our expectations, (and that of our client, too.!!).  Traffic to the site has increased approximately TEN FOLD. Traffic increase was immediate and has improved steadily following the website re-launch.

The Alexa rank for the site has also improved drastically since the revamp, and the site is currently ranked around 448,000 globally (I believe that it was ranked about 2,000,000 before the revamp).

All traffic so far is 100% organic. Since the revamp we have promoted (bookmarked) the new site on MixxBookmarks website, plus we have also recently implemented a (free) cross-promotion campaign via another website that we also own which attracts a reasonably large audience  (called “Business-In-Site.com”) in return for that site receiving a free (reciprocal) link on PlushGifts.com.au. The client also joined our affiliate program and so they will now also receive a commission from any sales originating from their backlinks / our banner on their site.

NOTE: No money has been spent on any advertising, marketing or the purchase of any web traffic (yet) since the site’s re-launch  – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement is entirely due to our SEO work and also some bookmarking and reciprocal linking techniques. The site could easily do even better with some paid advertising and or social media marketing, etc.

To view the new PlushGifts.com.au website, please visit:  http://www.plushgifts.com.au

New Logo Design

PlushGifts.com.au - New Logo

New Banners – Samples




After Revamp: The NEW PlushGifts.com.au website

After Revamp - The NEW PlushGifts.com.au website

 NEW – Mobile Website

PlushGifts.com.au - New Mobile Website

Before Revamp: The old PlushGifts.com.au website

Old (Former) PlushGifts.com.au Website

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