22 Oct

Portfolio: Nostradamus-2012-Predictions


Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.comWebsite Name:  Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com

Website URL: Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com

Platform:  WordPress and HTML

Job Type: Create a WordPress blog to match the original HTML site and incorporate it into the HTML site, seamlessly. Add various methods for Site Monetization.

Designer:  Karen Banting

Completed: 2011

Job Details: The Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com website was originally just a small HTML website (effectively just a one page website, with also a contact us page and privacy policy etc). We added a WordPress blog and the WordPress theme was customized to compliment the stunning HTML design. The WordPress theme chosen was a 3 column theme that allows placement of advertisements, yet still provides a visually striking interface. A featured image slider was added to the homepage to provide better promotion of featured articles and or announcements / promotions. Navigation structure was improved. SEO was improved. New, original articles were added to provide fresh and quality content. New premium plugins were added.

Other Work Done:  Twitter account created, Twitter integration and automation.

Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com - HTML website

Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com – HTML website

Monetization: The site now has a range of potential monetization methods, including selling advertising space / Advertising placements, Affiliate Ads, Google Ads and Amazon products in the Nostradamus, 2012 and prophecies niche, plus also the site sells the original Nostradamus ebook. Also Amazon Products were added to the site, plus we also added a shopping cart with coupon capability to the WordPress site.

Results: Following our revamp of the website it has improved enormously. In January / February 2011 (before the revamp) the site had an Alexa rank of: 4,076,665, and website traffic was ZERO visitors per month. The Current Alexa rank  is  825,704 , and the site now receives  an  average  of around 1,500+ (100% organic) visits each month, and average of 70,000 hits  per month, and growing.

NOTE:  No money has been spent on advertising, marketing or the purchase of any web traffic (yet)  – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement is entirely due to our SEO work.

To view Nostradamus-2012-Predictions website , please visit  Nostradamus-2012-Predictions.com




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