22 Oct

Portfolio: MixxBookmarks.info

Portfolio: MixxBookmarks

Portfolio: MixxBookmarksWebsite Name: MixxBookmarks

Website URL: http://mixxbookmarks.info

Platform:  Pligg CMS

Job Type: Update and redesign entire site. Site Monetization. Twitter Integration and Automation.

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed:  2011

Job Details: The MixxBookmarks website needed a complete overhaul. It hadn’t been updated in over a year and the old theme was tired and incompatible with the latest Pligg CMS versions. Because it was an established site, (and had missed about 6+ Pligg CMS core upgrades…) we updated it in stages, and installed a new professional Pligg theme, added new functionality and plugins to the site as well as tightening up security and the registration process. Old bookmarks were also removed and new categories added, plus a separate WordPress blog website was built and was designed to complement the main site design and then incorporated into the site – the result is that the traffic has increased enormously, the site now looks professional and polished, the new WordPress blog allows the webmaster to publish any news updates or special offers etc with ease, and the site is also now monetized with advertising placements and Google Ads, plus a new featured slider provides the possibility for further monetization of the site.

A MixxBookmarks Twitter Page was also created and added to the site, and the tweeting process was also automated (a tweet is automatically sent to Twitter page whenever a Bookmark or blog post is published).

To view the MixxBookmarks (Pligg CMS) website, please visit http://mixxbookmarks.info


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