22 Oct

Portfolio: MixxBookmarks.info Blog

Portfolio: MixxBoomarks Blog

Portfolio: MixxBoomarks BlogWebsite Name: MixxBookmarks Blog

(Blog) Website URL: http://mixxbookmarks.info/blog/

(Main) Website URL:  http://mixxbookmarks.info

Platforms: Pligg CMS & WordPress

Job Type: Create and Integrate WordPress Blog website

Designer: Karen Banting


Job Details: The new owners decided the (newly revamped) MixxBookmarks website also needed better blogging functionality added, in order for Administrators to better communicate with members and to make posting the announcements, policy updates and company news much faster and easier. The solution was provided by adding a WordPress-powered blog that was added to the main (Pligg CMS) website, and a theme was added and customized to complement the main (bookmarking) website theme.

The result is that the new WordPress blog allows the webmaster to publish news updates or special offers etc very easily and in seconds, and post updates are sent automatically to the new MixxBookmarks Twitter page.

To view the MixxBookmarks Blog website, please visit http://mixxbookmarks.info/blog


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