14 Aug

Portfolio: GeneKeller.com


Gene Keller - New Website DesignWebsite Name: GeneKeller.com

Website URL: http://www.genekeller.com
(Note: old website domain was formerly genekeller.net)

Platform/ Type: HTML

Job Type: New website

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: 21 March. 2015

Job Details:

The new GeneKeller.com website (see full length screenshot below) was completely re-built from scratch and now has a smart new customized, professional HTML theme.  We also created the logo, banners and other graphics used on the site, thereby creating a truly integrated and professionally branded solution for our client.

Some (Basic) SEO work was done to try to provide some free web traffic. The new website also has other functionality integrated into it, including a contact form / lead capture form, new Downloadable Resume PDF Document, and also new Downloadable Headshot PDF Document.

Various new pages were created in order to showcase our client, and to improve the user-experience of the visitor. These include: Biography, Press, Headshot, Banners, 404, Blog and Sitemap pages. The clients new Blog was also filled with 3 finished articles with accompanying images and post formatting – all completed for the client before website launch. All old website content and text was transferred over to the new website, plus we also provided the client with some copy-writing where required.

Graphic Design Work: Logo, Favicon, Banners

A new logo was designed for our client by our in-house graphic designer. A custom favicon was also created to compliment new logo and theme design, plus we also created for our client a set of 4 social media header designs, for use on clients ‘YouTube’ page and other social networks (examples not illustrated here), for use whenever is required.

We also designed some new banners, to allow our client to better promote their new website.

The site was delivered to the client 100% finished and ready for business, with everything done for them – and then some! (…this client had our premium “Ultimate” Web Design Service package – where we essentially do everything – so it’s ideal for busy people, professionals and businesses). See bottom of page or more details about our “Ultimate” design service…

To view the new GeneKeller.com website, please visit: http://www.GeneKeller.com

The results of our revamp….

(New Logo)

Gene Keller - New Logo Design

(New GeneKeller.com Banners)

Gene Keller - New Banner Design - 300x250 banner

Gene Keller - New Banner Design - 160x600 banner


After Revamp: The NEW GeneKeller.com Website

Gene Keller - Homepage - New Website Design

BELOW: The New GeneKeller.com – More Screenshots

(Click the screenshots below to view enlarged images)

New Resume & Resume Design

(PLUS Gene’s resume is now also available to his website visitors in a smart, new and – downloadable – PDF document… )
Gene Keller New Resume PDF

Gene Keller New Resume PDF Document (Click image to view enlarged image)




(The OLD GeneKeller.net website)

Gene Keller Old Website - Hompage

(Click the screenshots below to view enlarged images)


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