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Portfolio: EasyVegetarianRecipes.org

Portfolio: EasyVegetarianRecipes.org
Easy Vegetarian Recipes.org - New Theme (2012)

Easy Vegetarian Recipes.org – New Theme (2012)

Website Name: Easy Vegetarian Recipes.org

Website URL: http://easyvegetarianrecipes.org

Platform: WordPress

Job Type: Stage 1: Re-build site and delete all existing content. Install vegetarian recipe database (to be used until original recipes are posted) and temporary theme until suitable theme is selected. Site Monetization: Amazon Products added to the site, plus added a shopping cart with coupon capability for later future use. Twitter account created, Twitter integration and automation.

Stage 2: New theme installed and customized as per requirements.

Stage 3+: Still to come…

Designer:  Karen Banting

Completed: April 2012

Job Details: The Easy Vegetarian Recipes.org website was purchased in late January 2011 by the current owners, and originally it was a very poor excuse for a website – it was built by a professional website flipper (seller) and was sold without any recipes on it whatsoever  (I kid you not…) or any content worth keeping, and a tacky, un-attractive free theme. Most of the articles on it were advertising meat recipe books, too…. It was in desperate need of some TLC. But the current owner (that”s me!) liked it”s domain name and saw it”s potential, and knew that with a bit of time, money and effort it could be a really top website and a perfect platform for my large collection of vegetarian recipes.

I did the re-vamp in stages, partly because Easy Veg website is really a “labor of love” for me, and I also have to slip it in around my other work as time permits – but I wanted to find the perfect theme for it too, and that took quite some time. In the meantime I had a reasonably tidy, but plain, (and boring) theme installed on it, but at least it was presentable and clean and I concentrated on adding my original recipes and tips and other great content to the the site. I also added Amazon products suitable to the websites food / cooking niche, so the site is now both visually appealing and has interesting and useful content, plus some monetization methods added via the Amazon product posts.

The hard work paid off quite quickly, and the site now gets thousands of visitors each month. So, in March / April 2012 I thought it was time for the site to finally get a “proper” theme, one which was a bit more interesting and a little bit “funky” and which suited the food niche better than the temporary old plain theme. So I chose our Premium “e-scene” theme, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. The site looks great, and highly engaging (the visitor page views-per-visit score is already climbing after only 2 days after the revamp, Alexa rank has also improved further, and traffic is already up too). The Alexa rank for the site was 6,215,839 at the time of purchase in Jan 2011, and traffic was 200 visitors per month. The site now has thousands of visitors each month, and growing.

Monetization: The site now has a range of potential monetization methods, including selling advertising space / Advertising placements, Affiliate Ads, Google Ads and Amazon products in the Recipe Books,Videos, Cookery Books, Kitchen Utensils and other cookery related products and gadgets.

Results: Following our revamp of the website it has improved enormously. In January / February 2011 (before the revamp) the site had an Alexa rank of: 6,215,839, and website traffic was 200 visitors per month. The Current Alexa rank is 330,257, and the site now receives thousands of  (100% organic) visits each month, and growing.

NOTE: No money has been spent on advertising, marketing or the purchase of any web traffic (yet) – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement is entirely due to our SEO work.

To view the Easy Vegetarian Recipes.org website, please visit http://easyvegetarianrecipes.org


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