22 Oct

Portfolio: Animal Cruelty Free Products.com

Animal Cruelty Free Products.com Website - Best Cheap Website Design Portfolio

Animal Cruelty Free Products.com Website - Best Cheap Website Design PortfolioWebsite Name: Animal Cruelty Free Products.com

Website URL: http://animalcrueltyfreeproducts.com/

Platform: WordPress

Job Type: New website, created from scratch.

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: End of Jan. 2012 (approx. 26th January)

Job Details: The site was built using a (slightly modified & customized) professional WordPress theme and a custom background was added. A logo was designed for the site and added to the theme. A custom favicon was also created to compliment the customized website theme. We also designed a “Magazine Front-page ” type image / mock-up for the site (the “Animal Cruelty Free News” image). (Basic) SEO work was done to the site to provide some free traffic. Some new and original articles were added in order to provide fresh and quality content. We also installed a premium WordPress plugin to easily find and create Amazon product posts and therefore quickly provide the site with hundreds of Animal Cruelty Free Products and related products (plus also to drip-feed future scheduled posts, thereby making the blog essentially an automated blog, and requiring very little maintenance). A Twitter account was created, plus Twitter integration and automation was implemented. Now, whenever a post is published a tweet is also automatically sent to Twitter, too.

Site Monetization: Amazon Products were added to the site. There is also room for additional monetization methods such as banner advertisements, Google Ads and Affiliate Ads (and even text link advertising could also be implemented in the future) if the owners should wish. The new site could also sell it”s own products directly to customers in the future if the owners wanted to provide an even larger return on their investment (such as selling e-books, T. Shirts, etc). The professional WordPress theme chosen was a 3 column (commercial) theme that allows ample placement of advertisements, yet still provides a visually striking interface.

Results: Following the launch of the website in late January 2012 it has exceeded all our expectations.  Despite being a new website and with no advertising or marketing campaign undertaken (yet), the site attracted a MASSIVE 453 unique visitors and 1,136 total visitors in just it”s first 4 days of operation. For February 2012 – it”s first whole month since it”s launch – the traffic stats were even more impressive – 2,116 unique visitors and a whopping 3,588 total visitors. We expect the site will continue to grow in popularity as it matures, and when / if fresh content is added.

At the time of writing, the Current Alexa rank is already an impressive 376,676 (..and which is an exceptionally good Alexa ranking for a mere five week old website..). All traffic so far is 100% organic. We have since promoted (bookmarked) the new site on MixxBookmarks website, plus we have also recently implemented a (free) cross-promotion campaign via another website that we also recently built, and which attracts a similar target audience to Animal Cruelty Free Products.com website  (called “Yoga Web.info”) in return for that site receiving a free (reciprocal) link on Animal Cruelty Free Products.com.

NOTE: No money has been spent on any advertising, marketing or the purchase of any web traffic (yet) – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement is entirely due to our SEO work and also some bookmarking and reciprocal linking techniques. The site could easily do even better with some paid advertising and or social media marketing, etc (it has already attracted some Twitter Followers too, so the site could also market to potential customers via Twitter, to further increase revenues).

To view the Animal Cruelty Free Products.com website, please visit: http://animalcrueltyfreeproducts.com/


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