22 Oct

Portfolio: Affiliate-Journal.com

Portfolio: Affiliate-Journal.com

Portfolio: Affiliate-Journal.comWebsite Name: Affiliate-Journal

Website URL: http://affiliate-journal.com/

Platform: WordPress

Job Type:Update and redesign entire site. Site Monetization. Twitter Integration and Automation.

Designer: Karen Banting

Completed: 2011

Job Details: The site was 5 years old, run down and needed some TLC and re-organization, and a lot of work was also needed to clean out the database of out-dated posts and posts containing advertising for other websites….. The tags were also tidied up, removing many hundreds of empty or inappropriate tags. The old theme was replaced with a new 3 column theme that allows better placement of advertisements and provides a clean, uncluttered interface. A featured image slider was added to the homepage to provide better promotion of articles or announcements. Navigation structure was improved. SEO was improved. Old articles were replaced with fresh and quality content. New premium plugins were added. Twitter account was created and automatic tweeting functionality was added to the site.

Monetization: The site now has a range of potential monetization methods, including selling advertising space / Advertising placements, Google Ads and Amazon products, and more are planned for implementation and release in mid / late 2012.

Results:The end result is that the website has improved enormously. In January / February 2011 (before our revamp) the site had an Alexa rank of: 3,758,657, and website traffic was only 75 unique visitors per month (total of 150 views a month). The Current Alexa rank is now under 460,000, and the site now receives 2,000+ (100% organic) unique visitors each month, and growing.

Note: No money has been spent on advertising or traffic (yet) – all traffic and Alexa ranking improvement is entirely due to our SEO work.

To view the Affiliate-Journal website, please visit http://affiliate-journal.com/


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