1 May

NEW: Stack Banner Rotator (HTML)


We have just added this stunning Stack Banner Rotator to our existing range….

Stack Banner Rotator (HTML)

Stack Banner Rotator

Stack Banner Rotator

Stack style responsive banner rotator with images and video support html5 / jquery.

There are many ways to style the Stack Banner Rotator – see below for examples of the different styling options available:

DEMO LINK – Style 01: http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/_index_double.html

DEMO LINK – Style 02:  http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/index_horizontalLeft.html

DEMO LINK – Style 03: http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/index_horizontalRight_100percent.html

DEMO LINK – Style 04:  http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/index_verticalAbove.html

DEMO LINK – Style 05: http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/index_verticalAbove_100percent.html

DEMO LINK – Style 06: http://bestcheapwebsitedesign.com/demos/bcwd-multimediaStackBannerRotator/_deploy/index_verticalRound.html

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Submit a quote request for a stunning Stack Banner Rotator just like the ones pictured here.

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