15 Jul

HTML Websites Explained….

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About HTML Websites…

HTML Websites are an ideal solution for any business or individual who wants a ‘set-and-forget’, fuss-free website and who wants everything done for them (with no DIY work involved). For this reason they make an ideal choice for a small businesses website or a resume website. HTML Websites are also a perfect choice for any one-page or very small websites (3-5 pages or less), but the only real limit to their size is your budget.

Minimum Care: Once built, HTML Websites usually require minimum care compared to most other types of websites, and except for security updates or theme updates etc will often only require additional web developer services  if / when a new web page needs to be added to the site, or is edited, removed, etc.

How HTML Websites are built – and why they can cost more: Each and every single HTML Web Page is created by hand-coding, work which is painstakingly done by an expert Web Developer. All HTML Websites are custom-built to individual client requirements, and are provided to the client in 100% finished state – Therefore HTML Websites are more time-intensive and are often costlier to build than other websites, (large HTML websites with many pages can be very expensive), and so HTML websites are not usually suitable for the DIY or budget-conscious customer (..instead, our CMS Websites are the perfect solution for the DIY’ers and anyone on a budget).

Benefits of HTML Websites: HTML Websites have many benefits over other types of website – HTML Websites are super-reliable, super-fast to load (so are fast enough for mobile visitors), require much less hosting resources and hosting web space, and they also do not require constant script / code updates (like CMS Websites do…), to name just a few benefits.

Worth Considering…..: It is also worth mentioning that you can often pay less for a HTML website in the long-run, when compared to other types (such as CMS, like WordPress) because they are just so low-maintenance. A HTML website doesn’t need constant updating of code / scripts….

HTML Websites versus CMS Websites: A CMS Website can seem very appealing and cheap due to the fact that they can be easily edited, updated  and managed by non-technical beginners, but unless you are willing and able to undertake all the work involved in managing a CMS website yourself (such as regularly updating the CMS’s Core files, plus also updating theme(s) and any plugins…. to mention just a few regular tasks..), then you might find that owning a CMS website is really no cheaper than a HTML website, possibly even the opposite. You have TWO choices with a CMS Website – you can either find the time (and patience) to do it all yourself OR you will need to hire an expert to regularly manage and update your CMS website for you (or it WILL get hacked….)

Website Backups: There is also some work and time involved in creating website backups, something which you will usually also have to do yourself unless you hire someone else to do it for you. Website Backups are essential and are required to be made both BEFORE and then AFTER updating a website. A CMS website requires two types of backups  – a backup made of the website files AND also a backup of the SQL database files… So, that is 4 backups required for EVERY update process undertaken… By comparison, a HTML website might only need 1 backup made in it’s lifetime…


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